Leveraging learning science for better health workforce development

I’ve written previously about why it’s so hard to create highly effective online learning experiences. Online learning poses big challenges to learners in developing countries, where the average completion rate of massive open online courses is well under 5% [1]. Over the past 18 months, working with a client, I’ve been prototyping and evaluating a … Continue Reading

Market Design Meets Philanthropy

There are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States alone. Faced with so many choices, how do donors find the “right” nonprofit to support? Might there be better and more efficient ways for donors to identify organizations that are doing great work on causes that they care about? Market design theory provides some … Continue Reading

Inventing New Markets in Online Learning

There’s strong evidence that new markets can be invented that anchor financial incentives to public goods. In some cases, markets can achieve public goods more efficiently than top-down approaches. It’s worth contemplating whether new market-like mechanisms could create incentives to spur innovations that increase the quality and drive down the cost of online learning. Existing … Continue Reading

On O-rings and Online Learning

Key Points There are many different components that must come together to create high-quality online learning. Overall quality can be modeled as the product of the quality of each of these components. Huge gains in overall quality can be achieved through incremental improvements to the individual components. Major breakthroughs in online learning could happen through … Continue Reading

What’s the Best Time of Day to Learn?

This piece gets into nitty gritty details, so here’s a quick summary of what lies ahead: Claims you can find on the internet about specific “optimal” time windows for learning are misleading. The efficiency of different learning tasks may “peak” at different times during the day, so even at an individual level, there is no … Continue Reading