Strategy + Implementation

When it comes to online learning, strategy and implementation go hand in hand. Your organization needs the expertise to plan and execute an online education strategy that maximizes your reach and impact. We have a track record of creating high-quality, engaging, work-embedded, and impactful online learning experiences in the health care, international development, and education sectors.

Consulting Services

  • Planning, co-development, and design of online trainings, courses, and programs.
  • Staff training on best practices in online learning and facilitation.
  • Review and revision of existing online learning programs.
  • Assessment and evaluation of learning outcomes and user experience.
  • Research and selection of critical technologies to support online learning.
  • Co-development of a learning strategy best suited to your organization’s unique online education needs.
  • Project management and coordination to ensure high-quality program implementation.

Our Approach and Team

Our approach to every consultancy is guided by three simple principles that help to hone your organization’s education strategy:

  • focus on outcomes rather than inputs,
  • meet learners where they are, and
  • design online learning for how people learn.

With every engagement, we aim to build organizational autonomy by equipping your staff with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop and deliver excellent online learning experiences. To learn more about our philosophy as consultants and our approach to online learning strategy and implementation, check out our blog – Empiricism.

We have deep experience in online education, global health, and medical education. We’ve developed new online courses and programs at Harvard University and helped to develop the curriculum and launch a new top-tier medical school in Rwanda.

Let’s Talk!

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Pro Bono Consulting

We’re on a mission to improve online learning – particularly for adult learners. On a pro bono basis, we review existing online courses and workshops and provide feedback to non-academic nonprofits in the health, medicine, education, and environment sectors. We evaluate each project individually to see if it is a good fit for our skills and expertise. If you’re interested in our pro bono consulting, send us an email at describing the project you have in mind!