Excellence in Online Learning

At Enact Academy, we’re on a mission to support teachers, working professionals, and nonprofits with high-quality and work-embedded online learning experiences. Our long-term vision is to fundamentally change the approach that we take – as a society – towards lifelong learning, by making it practical and practice-based.

  • We offer graduate courses in education; these courses are anchored to the real world to ensure that everything you learn is applicable to your classroom practice.
  • We provide free resources for educators and schools. You are welcome to use these resources for any non-commercial purpose.
  • We offer consulting services for organizations that require a higher level of support than can be offered through our graduate courses or free training materials.

Our Commitments

We take our values seriously, so we’ve written them into our Operating Agreement – these commitments are encoded in our legal DNA.

Our Climate Commitment

Article 12 -“We are obligated to protect our planet. This obligation complements every other aspect of our mission and does not compete with our objectives as a business. We will proactively work to minimize our impact on the environment and offset any impacts we cannot eliminate. We commit Enact Academy to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions over its lifetime, with certification by an independent third party. ” 

You can read more about our third-party net-zero certification here.

An Evidence-Based Approach to Equity

Article 11 – “At Enact Academy, we don’t just accept differences – we celebrate them, we support them, and we thrive on them for the benefit of our employees, our customers, and society. Enact Academy is committed to using an evidence-based approach to tackling the toughest challenges of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our hiring practices and in our product development. Enact Academy is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.”