Excellence in Online Learning

At Enact Academy, we’re on a mission to support organizations in creating high-quality and work-embedded online and blended learning experiences. We follow evidence-based principles for designing effective, engaging, work-based learning.

We offer consulting services to help your organization hone its approach to virtual learning. Our expertise spans planning, strategy, staff development, technology evaluation, learning management system (LMS) hosting, and course and curriculum development. We’re deeply experienced in online education, particularly in the sciences and medicine.

Our Commitments

We take our values seriously, so we’ve written them into our Operating Agreement – these commitments are encoded in our legal DNA.

Our Climate Commitment

Article 12 -“We are obligated to protect our planet. This obligation complements every other aspect of our mission and does not compete with our objectives as a business. We will proactively work to minimize our impact on the environment and offset any impacts we cannot eliminate. We commit Enact Academy to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions over its lifetime.” 

How We Maintain Our Climate Commitment

From 2020-2023, we purchased offsets from the third-party certifier Carbonfund. From 2023 onward, our work began to require more travel, so we shifted to calculating our annual emissions with terrapass and purchasing offsets based upon those calculations.